Berlin – Research and strategy pave the way to a global brand


The major challenge in positioning Berlin as a "City of Change" was not only the development of a long-term umbrella brand strategy, but above all the consideration and involvement of the many different stakeholders in this project.


After an investor insight study and international B2C and B2B market research, K’UP succeeded in positioning Berlin as a "City of Change" by getting all stakeholders from business, culture, politics and the public behind a common strategy and thus sustainably enhancing the city's reputation. International market research accompanied the campaign management over several years.

Since then, overnight stays have increased by 80 percent, the unemployment rate has dropped by 30 percent, and the number of people moving to Berlin has quadrupled. In addition, K’UP accompanied the marketing work to strengthen the local identity and targeted international establishment as a business metropolis for Berlin.

Increasing communication relevance and consistency by establishing structures for product development and international marketing.

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