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The UK produces over 1 million tonnes of sugar annually. About 50% of this is exported. The largest sugar producer is British Sugar, a subsidiary of Associated British Foods (ABF), which is committed to consistent waste reduction and resource efficiency.

At British Sugar, waste products from sugar production are turned into animal feed, topsoil and ethanol, among other things. This ensures growth. The company is one of the largest British ethanol producers and has become a major supplier to the petrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

A third of all ABF factories have succeeded in recycling or reusing 95% of all waste*. As a result, for every tonne of sugar produced, less than 200 grams of waste is generated.

In terms of efficency, British Sugar is therefore a good example of Impact Level 1, as they have made the production of their core product as circular as possible.

Source: British Beet Research Organisation, Responsibility Report 2022, ABF.

Foto © Ulleo for Pixabay

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