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The Dutch smartphone manufacturer Fairphone is not only committed to ethically fair working conditions in the manufacture of its products along the entire value chain, but also ensures that the smartphones are made from both recycled and recyclable materials during production. In addition, attention is paid to reparability and thus a longer device lifespan.

Furthermore, Fairphone has established a model in cooperation with recycling specialists, such as the French company Cadaoz, whereby old devices should increasingly enter the recycling cycle.
As an incentive for donating the old device, the cell phone owner is issued a voucher that can be redeemed at Fairphone. According to the company, this should enable the return of 17,000 old devices in 2020. Around 40% of the devices will be refurbished and repaired for the second-hand market, while the rest will be recycled and recyclable materials returned to the cycle.

We distinguish in three impact levels of circularity. As an innovative business model, Fairphone is a good example of Impact Level 2.


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