Labor Tempelhof - Concerts as Circular Testing Fields


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The initiators of Labor Tempelhof have set themselves the task of developing and implementing circular economy concepts for large concerts according to the "Cradle to Cradle" (C2C) principle.

This project was put into practice for the first time in August 2022 at three concerts at Berlin's Tempelhof Airport. The large-scale events served as test sites to measure the climate-, environment- and resource-positive effects of C2C solutions and to test their scalability.
For example, 100% of the required electricity was covered by green electricity, phosphorus was recovered from sewage sludge, slightly polluted water was purified and fed into toilet flushes, and a social awareness concept was developed. The project uncovered challenges, for example, in the scalability of solutions and existing (mobility) infrastructure. The findings were published as a guidebook and made available to businesses, politicians, and event organisers.

We distinguish in three impact levels of circularity. The project Labor Tempelhof is an example of impact level 3 "Circular and sustainable ecosystems", as it pushes for both a systemic transformation and the development of innovative solutions for society at large, as well as involving diverse societal stakeholders (from participants to start-ups to politics and infrastructure).

Photo © Jörg Steinmetz for Labor Tempelhof

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