Museum of Natural History Berlin - From exhibition to digital driver of biodiversity


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K’UP was approached by the Museum of Natural History Berlin, one of the world's most important research institutions in the field of biological, geoscientific evolution and biodiversity. The museum was to be successfully set up for the future in the long term, involving a wide range of stakeholders from the public, science, business and politics.


To successfully set up the Museum of Natural History long term, the brand and corporate strategy was realigned, which served as a foundation for a revised business model for the museum. The foundation for the new positioning lies in the paradigm shift from a static, passive showroom with dead exhibits to actively preserving nature. This paradigm shift applies to both the digitalization of product development and marketing. K’UP also not only accompanied numerous marketing measures and conceived digital offer innovations, but also initiated the cooperation of the largest international natural history museums on the topic of biodiversity. In addition, care had to be taken to ensure that the many different stakeholders of the Natural History Museum were considered in the development of the strategy.

From exhibition to digital driver of biodiversity.

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