RePack - Packaging rethought

Online mail order has been booming not just since the Covid19 pandemic: in Germany alone, the volume of shipments is forecast to increase by almost 20% by 2026*. This means at least as much growth in disposable packaging waste.
The Finnish packaging specialist RePack has set itself the goal of preventing this. The idea of the start-up founders around CEO Jonne Hellgrenn: a reusable recycling system for packaging. Such systems have already been successfully established for glass and plastic bottles or beverage cans - why shouldn't it also be feasible for packaging?

In practice, the reusable packaging system is simple, practical and above all, circular: RePack provides online retailers with bags made of recycled polypropylene for a monthly rental fee.
Retailers ship their goods in them, and customers return the empty packaging directly to RePack or use it to make returns to the retailer. After the return, the shipping bags are cleaned - either by RePack or the retailer directly - and are available for up to 40 additional shipping cycles.

We distinguish in three impact levels of circularity. As an innovative business model, RePack is a good example of Impact Level 2.


Photo © Original RePack Ltd *Source: BIEK; KE-Consult, Statista 2022

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