Christoph Holle

Organisational Change

Where do I come from?

As an industrial engineer and historian, I first landed in strategic consulting, from which I particularly took strategic thinking, communication, project management and enthusiasm for equal teamwork. But soon I was drawn to operational responsibility in the tech and start-up environment. There, I built and transformed companies for over a decade, directly managing all functions along the way - from product & tech to marketing, sales and operations to commercial management & HR. This involved everything from very small companies to corporate size. In addition to a deep understanding of all these functions, I got to experience, learn and shape agility, scaling, good leadership (under uncertainty), dealing with very different people and self-directing, interdisciplinary teams.

In 2016, I finally started my own business as an organizational coach in order to be able to focus entirely on working with people. In doing so, I am helped by my various trainings and continuing education of several years in systemic consulting, Gestalt work, positive psychology and bodywork, among others.

What drives me?

I support clients in everything where "human" is involved: from larger change processes to team support and workshop facilitation to individual coaching; from executives to simple employees; from structures to processes to conflict facilitation. I am a process facilitator and coach at heart: listening, structuring, bringing together, questioning, reflecting, moderating, giving impulses, developing solutions together. I like to build on strengths and help to develop and complement them. I am often driven by the question of how the potential of employees can be better developed. And I prefer to provide long-term support - because changes that really work rarely happen overnight.

Besides that, I love ball sports, cinema, Berlin, children & young people, nature and simply life.

What is my strategy?

Midwife - the solution is there and just needs support to develop.


  • Networking partner K'UP
  • Self-employed organizational developer and coach
  • Commercial Managing Director Blacklane
  • Member of the Executive Board PayPal Germany - among others Chief Product Officer, Chief Revenue Officer eBay, Head of Risk & Service
  • Consultant McKinsey & Co
  • Industrial engineer and historian

When are you coming over?

Strategy Studios in Berlin and Stuttgart.

Arrive, exchange, have fun.
It’s on us!

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