Cord Maximilian Siebke

Data Science

Where do I come from?

Originally I come from the Lower Saxony countryside, where I can still be found at harvest time. After studying mathematics at the Free University of Berlin, I started working at Modomoto as an analyst. After several years in e-commerce, I was allowed to build up a young and modern data team as Head of Data and also held this role at Outfittery. During my time in e-commerce, I was able to get to know a wide range of technologies and to draw added value for the business from the most diverse data sources. Currently, I'm working at Polyteia to use data to improve public management.

What drives me?

I am driven by being able to judge objectively and not having to make decisions based on my gut. Because in a modern world, in which it is possible to make many things measurable, this should also be used for decision-making. Otherwise, it's hard for me to walk by a basketball court without also wanting to shoot a basket.

What is my strategy?

My strategy is to understand, - structure and improve processes.

When are you coming over?

Strategy Studios in Berlin and Stuttgart.

Arrive, exchange, have fun.
It’s on us!

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