Dr. Diana Born

Sustainability Expert

Where do I come from?

It excites me how biological systems are resilient by themselves and give rise to fascinating life forms. As a scientist, I looked at such systems down to small biomolecules in a marine virus. At the same time, I became aware of the serious impact human actions have on marine ecosystems. Therefore, I switched to marine conservation in Malaysia and helped an NPO restore coral reefs. I was able to establish collaborations with local companies, reduce waste on a small island - and still had to watch coral bleaching since it was too warm for months.

Since then, my mission has been to tackle climate change at its roots in Europe. I advised companies about building science-based emission reduction strategies in the climate organization atmosfair and developed systemic transformation solutions with EIT Climate-KIC. Together with K'UP clients, I take a holistic view on sustainability: we unite business model, brand, corporate culture and planetary boundaries in the RAMP index and CORING process to create real value for society through sustainable innovation.

What drives me?

To imagine how amazing a sustainable world feels: having companies that create real value for society and the environment, watching happy people in a safe environment. I want to help shape this change and create the future today together with our customers and the K'UP team. Furthermore, I love breaking mental barriers. I never thought I could dive to 40m on one breath but it was a nice vision. By the end of my Freedive Master training, I could do it - deeply relaxed, of course, and thanks to a great trainer. Transformation processes are large mental challenges: when I can help our clients to realize them, all of us can celebrate.

What is my strategy?

To be relaxed, curious and deeply immersed in a system, to find promising currents and to act with a holistic view: science-based, energetic, with and for people, in harmony with nature.


  • Sustainability Strategist, K'UP
  • Sustainability Expert, futurewoman
  • Business Development Manager, atmosfair
  • System Innovation Pioneer & Climate Coach, EIT Climate-KIC
  • Marine conservationist (Juara Turtle Project, Malaysia)
  • Scientist (physics of marine viruses), MPI for Medical Research
  • Doctoral Studies, B.Sc. & M.Sc. Molecular Biotechnology, University of Heidelberg

When are you coming over?

Strategy Studios in Berlin and Stuttgart.

Arrive, exchange, have fun.
It’s on us!

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