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Maren Seeger

Office Manager

Where do I come from?

In fact, I wanted to become "everything" that the job market offered. I wanted to be a policewoman, a customs officer, but also a social insurance clerk, a bank clerk, everything - but not a hotel manageress. Things turned out differently and 3 years later I was a trained hotel manageress. This was the start of an exciting and eventful time in the hotel world. This time, the people and characters, the special ways of working have shaped me very much. Over 15 years, I discovered and developed my organisational and communication talents, my smile, my style in the hotel industry. To this day, these experiences help me daily in my work at K'UP.

What drives me?

I always say: "You have to feel the heart of a company", then you can contribute yourself and your actions perfectly. It has always felt that way and will always remain that way, at least for me. I have been an office manager at K'UP since June 2013 and am "Miss Money Penny", Miss Organisation, Miss Good Mood, Miss Trustworthy.

What else drives me? I love my family, my dogs, my sport and travelling. And yes, I also love not living in Berlin directly, but in the countryside, surrounded by beautiful nature.

What is my strategy?

Listen, understand, smile, just be "me" and live and act accordingly!


  • Office Manager K’UP
  • Front Office Manager Novotel (Accor)
  • Reservation & Revenue Manager Ibis (Accor)
  • Key Manager Ibis
  • Front and Reservation Employee Mercure (Accor), Lindner Hotel
  • Food and Beverage Manager Assistent Ramada
  • Front Office Employee

When are you coming over?

Strategy Studios in Berlin and Stuttgart.

Arrive, exchange, have fun.
It’s on us!

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