Prof. Dr. Regine Kalka

Fairs and Pricing

Where do I come from?

When I asked my PhD advisor in 2003 if I could get a reference from him for my application for a professorship, he replied, "I've been waiting for you to call me about this all along." Very early on, I pursued the goal of becoming a marketing professor. For this purpose, the doctoral thesis after my business studies was an enriching duty for me. The instructive, several years of experience at an international management consultancy - with a focus on pricing and marketing - and the subsequent responsibility as a division manager at an international German trade fair company were the exciting freestyle.

What drives me?

My work is not only very close to my heart in terms of content, but also because it gives me the opportunity to optimally balance teaching, research, publications, consulting activities and time for my family. My ambition is to impart content and skills to students as well as to carry out joint projects with companies so that they are well equipped for the business world. In terms of content, as a professor, consultant and author, my focus is on digital marketing, sustainability in marketing and communication, brand management, added-value services/pricing and, in particular, price communication. I'm glad that I've been on board at K'UP since 2011, bridging the gap between research and practice with creative minds, exchanging the latest insights and driving joint projects forward.

But not only in my job, but also in my private life, as a self-confessed Cologne girl, I am driven by the variety between a lively family with a busy husband and two teenage girls, as well as my preferences for traveling, tennis, skiing and other sports. And once a year, of course, really Kölle Alaaf!

What is my strategy?

My strategy is: Let well-founded data speak for itself, be solution-oriented and act according to the motto "keep it short and simple". All this with positive thinking and fun in the team.


  • Networking partner, K'UP
  • Professor of Marketing and Communication, Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences
  • Independent consultant, Cologne
  • Head of Strategy and Head of Trade Fairs in the Home, Garden and Leisure sector, koelnmesse GmbH
  • Senior Consultant at Simon, Kucher & Partners, Bonn

When are you coming over?

Strategy Studios in Berlin and Stuttgart.

Arrive, exchange, have fun.
It’s on us!

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