Tim Wiedemann


Where do I come from?

I grew up on the Bergstrasse in Hesse with vines and a view of the Rhine. I stood in front of and behind the bar in wine bars, but even more often on the tennis court. I was fascinated by American films and books from an early age and was soon drawn to the U.S. East Coast.
As an HR intern at Gruner+Jahr and Cushman & Wakefield, I learned about the differences between American corporate culture and German publishing. Now I'm studying at Zeppelin University on Lake Constance - interdisciplinary and having fun with the big issues of our time. After an internship in the summer of 2021, I'll be a student trainee at K'UP.

What drives me?

Being surrounded by inspiring people and learning as much as I can. To constantly learn new perspectives and understand what moves my counterpart.
To support real professionals at work and learn all about corporate strategy, brand positioning and employer branding.

What is my strategy?

To seek what feels right and do everything to keep it that way. To see setbacks as opportunities. A cigarette now and then.

When are you coming over?

Strategy Studios in Berlin and Stuttgart.

Arrive, exchange, have fun.
It’s on us!

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