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Today, a car is like a computer. That's why anyone who wants to maintain or repair their car needs complicated tools for electronic onboard diagnostics (OBD). One of the market leaders for these OBD tools is the Munich-based IT company, Carly. Not only does it offer an amazingly simple end-customer solution in the form of a small ODB dongle, but with our help it wanted to differentiate itself more strongly as a brand in an otherwise very rational competitive environment.


For Carly, we developed a fundamentally new brand strategy based on an extensive analysis of product, communication, and competition. A central component of this was the research and segmentation of target customers. Typical for the topic of cars, their needs ranged from control to pragmatic solutions, to self-realization. Based on this, we developed brand values, a positioning, and an emotional marketing strategy that put the customer benefit even more clearly in the foreground. Because for the customer, Carly doesn't just hold a little dongle. In addition to reading out detailed vehicle data in real-time, Carly can offer mechanical advice expertise on its platform. To this end, the Munich-based company maintains one of the largest international communities of mechanics and experts, who provide tips and instructions appropriate to the vehicle in question. Carly thus gives customers the certainty that repair and maintenance can be efficient and fun. The best prerequisites for making every trip a good one.

Carly. The good drive.

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