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A five-kilometre car journey produces about as much CO2 as the production of a bottle of wine. And that's even without the associated transport to the consumer. The traditional, round glass bottle is responsible for the largest CO2 footprint in the value chain of the wine industry, with a share of over 50%.

Packamama from Great Britain wants to tackle this problem with an innovative shape. Red and white wine are offered in flat bottles that can be stacked more efficiently and even fit through the letterbox slot. This allows more than twice as much wine to fit on a pallet, saving costs and facilitating delivery by post, which in turn saves on emissions.

The Packamama bottle has the same capacity as traditional glass bottles, but stands two centimetres taller. It is also 87% lighter than traditional wine bottles as it is made from 100% recycled PET.

Thanks to its collaboration with The Wine Society, a leading online retailer of monthly wine subscriptions, Packamama has managed to both raise its profile in the wine industry and successfully implement its letterbox technology.

Packamama has thus launched a completely new circular product from Impact Level 1. Compared to conventional wine bottles, the carbon footprint could be reduced at many points in the value chain - from production, to delivery, to the recycling process.

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