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The use and production of light generates 5%* of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. In the European Union alone, 40% ** of electronic waste is not recycled. If all EU countries' light sources were switched to LED, 51 million tonnes of CO2 emissions and 65 million euros in energy costs could be saved each year.

Signify, formerly Philipps Lighting, is a leading international supplier of efficient lighting technology. The company wants to significantly reduce the consumption of resources by light sources for commercial and private customers.

With its concept Light as a Service (Laas), the company offers a circular lighting solution. For a monthly subscription fee, Signify takes responsibility for the lighting technology from planning and installation to maintenance. The products used are designed for easy repair and recycling and are manufactured by 3D printers to save material and weight. The use of AI in lighting management additionally reduces energy consumption and costs. Signify's LED lights are thus claimed to have a 75% *** lower environmental footprint than conventional products.

With its focus on long life and reusability, Signify is not only closing product loops. With its LaaS business model, the company has an Impact Level 2 circularity score.


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